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Iñaki wanted to give back to the poorest and  neediest of orphans from the countries with mountains of over 8000 metres, part of what he had received during the more than 20 years of expeditions in the Himalayas. The original idea was to build an orphanage in Kathmandu (Nepal), a children’s hospital in the North of Pakistan and a school in Daramshala (home of the exiled Tibetan community).

We began this project in 2008, humbly following in the footsteps of Iñaki. We built a new school and rebuilt two more in Nepal. This was the beginning of SOS Himalaya, which has managed to rescue 500 children from poverty in a remote region of this country.

SOS HIMALAYA has grown from an informal organization, run by friends and family, into a serious co-op with a strategic plan and objectives in line with our philosophy of responsibility, freedom and commitment – qualities which Iñaki Ochoa de Olza stood for throughout his professional and private life. We are committed to becoming a more efficient and effective organization.

SOS Himalaya is run by Iñaki’s family and friends, but is also helped by many, often anonymous, contributors and collaborators. Today Iñaki’s dream has come true and is growing every day. SOS Himalaya – Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Foundation has been working hard since 2008 to turn Iñaki’s dream into reality and fix some of the leaks in the roof of the world.

In SOS Himalaya we try to follow Iñaki’s example of honesty, transparency and sincerity. You can help us if you want to.





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SOS HIMALAYA at the top of Everest!

8.848 metres! Top of the world. Summit date: 16 April 2017.

All of this is what Iñaki’s cook, carrier and guide, Mingma Sherpa, has climbed in order to try to raise funds for the Foundation.

We still need help in order to build the hospital in Makalu Valley.

By helping us you will be helping thousands of people have access to healthcare in one of the most remote parts of the world.

Make a donation!

Thank you very much!





This child was brought to the medical camp by his mother, who told us that he couldn’t hear or speak since birth.

He has already undergone surgery!

The operation was successful!

After six long months of all kinds of medical tests, he has had a cochlear implant surgically implanted (the cochlear implant is an active hi-tech implantable medical device, consisting of a transducer which transforms acoustic signals into electrical signals that stimulate the auditory nerve).

He will start attending classes with specialised speech therapists who will teach him how to deal with his new situation.

Soon we will be able to listen to his first words. It’s going to be a slow process because he needs to start from scratch. He has never spoken or heard any words before so it’s like teaching a newborn how to talk.

Today is the beginning of a new life for YUBRAJ.

Congratulations YUBRAJ!

And congratulations to all of those who have made a contribution.

SOS Himalaya has made this possible thanks to thousands of people who cooperate with us.


Many of the teachers in the remote valleys where we have provided computers have been asking us for computer science lessons for a long time, as they have never received any instruction in order to be able to teach their students.

SOS Himalaya organized, with more than 30 teachers from all schools in this remote valley, some sessions for them to learn some basic computer science, so they can then teach their students. In the picture, a moment from the sessions.


28 October 2016

We work on small projects, wherever we can, as far as our finances allow us to and wherever we believe is most needed.

We have just come back from the Langtang and Makalu Valley areas. With this motto in mind, we have found a project that we would like to share with you.

In April we set up a medical camp, located in the Makalu Valley (the fifth highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8.463 metres), in a small village called Seduwa. There, we came across the skeleton of a half-finished building.


We set up camp in this area because there were hardly any tourists; money does not tend to reach here, leading to a tripling in poverty levels. If there is no money, first aid posts will not be built, leaving  people without access to health services.

The inhabitants of these valleys must walk for four or five days to be able to get to a city where they can catch a bus to Kathmandu (that is if they can afford the bus, which many cannot, let alone the medical check-up).

Education and healthcare are private in Nepal, accessible to the fortunate few able to afford it i.e. 10% of the population. The farmers living in the mountains (more than 70% of the population) are extremely humble people who can only afford a bag of rice, which will be their only food.

Child mortality rates are very high, but could be reduced if a midwife were present during delivery. Urinary and digestive infections are very common and often so severe that, when not treated correctly, they can lead to dangerous diseases. This is all avoidable with simple medical testing and antibiotics. Many elderly people have cataracts, an easily treatable condition in Spain requiring nothing more than a straightforward surgical procedure. Here however, these people are condemned to a life of blindness. A simply equipped surgical theatre in this building would be enough to avoid this.

Many women have no access to birth control (something so simple for us but inconceivable for them). There is no primary health care to help detect any serious health issues at an early stage, thereby preventing potentially fatal situations. If somebody has an accident, there is no first-aid post where they could be treated.

There are so many problems that could be solved with JUST a small and appropriately equipped health centre.

We did some research about this abandoned new building and spoke to the inhabitants in that area. We were told that years ago a Nepalese NGO had taken charge of the previously inexistent healthcare services in this area. They were planning to build a small hospital or health centre with first aid and primary health services. The building was to have a small operating room for basic procedures and operations, such as childbirths, a lab for medical testing and a few beds for attending to patients and keeping them in for observation. The NGO started building the health centre but, when they had almost completed construction, they ran out of funds and disbanded.

This hospital would cover an area of some 20 villages. Makalu 5 is a very wide valley which in turn is host to several other smaller valleys, with a population of around  40.000 people (in Nepal it is very difficult to calculate population accurately, as there is no census or register of the inhabitants. We have an estimate as a result of the meetings we have had with the representatives, as they know how many houses there are and how many people live in them, in every valley and community). The hospital could provide services for the inhabitants of a valley which has been absolutely abandoned in terms of healthcare. We would help thousands of people have access to a doctor and primary care.

This basic healthcare is very important for every human being.

SOS Himalaya’s plans are as follows


We plan to finish building this health centre and carry out everything still pending (installing the windows and doors, painting the walls and giving the building a nice final polish).

But the most important thing:


This means supplying the centre with ALL of the necessary surgical equipment, and the salary of a doctor and a nurse and some care assistants, so they can run the clinic properly and professionally.

This project costs up to 98.000 €.



We need help.

We need you to help us make it possible. Do you want to be part of this important project? There are different ways you can contribute: you can be the main sponsor of our project, seeing it through to completion single-handedly or, if you are unable to match the entire amount but still want to help, we can try to raise the full amount between several companies and share the responsibility.

In any event, whether you have contributed the whole amount or only part of it, your logo would appear on our webpage and social media pages, becoming part of our sponsors across all of our media platforms.






Cualquier aportación, da igual el importe, beneficiará a un niño en el Himalaya


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