A SOS Himalaya ambassador is anyone, an association, a collective, who performs selfless acts to make the work of the Foundation known to the people in their surroundings. Additionally, it helps us raise funds for our projects

Embajadores SOS Himalaya 2019

We will support you in organizing what you have in mind

They have been SOS Himalaya ambassadors:

  • Horia Colibasanu, for assisting Iñaki until the end and participating selflessly in the 10th anniversary of the Foundation.
  • Amunt Nepal, for organizing the work camp at the Makalu Hospital, bringing about significant change, and promoting the Foundation throughout the Maresme region.
  • Carcabuey Ayuda, for securing a substantial donation and raising awareness of SOS Himalaya in this large town in the Subbética mountain range.
  • Elena Sagaseta de Ilúrdoz, for her work in the Foundation and in preparing for the tenth anniversary.
  • Komando Tortilla, for carrying the name of SOS Himalaya throughout the Aragonese Pyrenees for nine years.
  • Mikel Amoategui, for creating and helping to promote the solidarity calendar.
  • Txusma Pérez, for assisting in organizing the 10th Anniversary of the Foundation and securing significant sponsors.
  • Sergio Aparicio y Andrea Lozone, for organizing charitable Nepalese meals and promoting the Foundation throughout Palencia.