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SOS Himalaya

Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Foundation

Organizational Chart

The Board of Trustees is the governing and representative body of the Foundation. It consists of:

  • President: Pablo Ochoa de Olza
  • Secretary: Mª Pilar Seguín
  • Trustee: Guillermo Ochoa de Olza
  • Trustee: Daniel Ochoa de Olza.

Paid staff:

  • Coordination in Spain: Elena Sagaseta de Ilúrdoz
  • Coordination in Nepal: Mingma Dorji Sherpa
  • Communication and social media: Jon Viedma Carrera

What is SOS Himalaya?

The Iñaki Ochoa de Olza Foundation-SOS Himalaya was established on September 29, 2009, with the aim of preserving and disseminating the memory of Iñaki Ochoa de Olza and completing his unfinished cooperation projects during his lifetime: the construction of an Orphanage, a Hospital, and Schools in Nepal, Pakistan, and India, where the most underprivileged children of the three countries with mountains over eight thousand meters are located. These objectives are outlined in Article 3 of the Foundation’s statutes.

To achieve these goals, activities are specified in the Statutes, as stated in Article 4. “For the achievement of the mentioned purposes, the Foundation will carry out all kinds of activities aimed at raising funds in the first world that serve the purposes of the Foundation. These activities will mostly be related to the world of mountaineering. The editions of the book ‘Under the Asian Skies,’ the screening and dissemination of the documentary ‘Iñaki’s Voice,’ the organization of other mountain-related activities and events will also serve the fundraising goal for projects aimed at the most helpless and underprivileged children in the mentioned countries.”

“Furthermore, in order to obtain income, the Foundation may carry out business activities whose purpose is related to the foundational purposes or are complementary or ancillary to the above, subject to the regulations governing competition defense, such as the following: mountain weeks, excursions, screenings, conferences, talks, sale of T-shirts, etc.”

The beneficiaries of all our projects are outlined in point 5 of the statutes, which states: “The foundational purposes of the Foundation are generally directed towards the following groups of people: the sick, uneducated minors, orphans, and street children in Nepal, India, and Pakistan.”