Global COVID-19 Emergency

With the border closures caused by the health crisis, tourism in Nepal has completely disappeared, leading many Sherpa families to lose the income they could have had during the climbing season.

In the face of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we are working to support the communities and individuals who need it most. We are concerned about the situation we are experiencing in our immediate surroundings, but also the situation in Nepal, where social and health conditions are even more challenging.

With the border closures, tourism in this country has vanished entirely, causing many Sherpa families to lose their income. At the moment, we have identified 75 Sherpa families in Kathmandu—since isolation prevents us from going to other areas—in a situation of utmost need.

They have been without anything to eat for several days, and they ask for help, knowing that the situation is also challenging here. The idea is to deliver food kits to alleviate the basic malnutrition situation that weakens the immune system and exposes them to getting sick more easily.

The isolation measures imposed in Nepal make it difficult for many people to access food purchases. The cessation of classes has the consequence that, in addition to the right to education, other rights such as nutrition are suspended. Many children used to have their main meal of the day in the school canteen, so the cancellation of classes impacts their food security.

Niños nepalíes

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